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Aspen Ski at Christmas/New Year

I have a client looking at Aspen for Christmas this year.  Her son is 13 and wants to learn to ski, however Aspen does not have beginner runs.  Is she better off to stay in Snowmass and do the shuttle commute to Aspen or is there a better place to go?  She is hoping to run into a famous face or two during her stay.  Open to suggestion as to where the stars may hang out to ski at Christmas time.


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Ski school is different to aussie ski school.

They put you in a group and you learn together.

If you hire the skis from Aspen they deliver the skis so you don't have to take them on the shuttle bus.

So the kid could go to Snowmass and the parents could go star hunting on Aspen.

Apsen allows you to ski 4 moutains - a little like Perisher has access to Guthega and Blue Cow and Perisher...............

Hope this helps.


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