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Can anyone recommend shopping outlets that shouldn't be missed within the USA?

 Any recommeded shopping outlets that shouldn't be missed for travellers that love to shop and find a bargain?


I personally prefer the South Premium Shopping Outlets in Las Vegas as they are undercover, much like our DFO here. The North is good, but more outdoorsy....Because it can get very hot in LAS, I prefer the airconditioning and you shop alot more comfortably. Weikele in Hawaii are worth going too, lots of bargains to be had, and they have been remodelling and refurbishing so it looks amazing...Don't forget your vouchers for extra discounts to be had! - Tanya Patterson | Senior Consultant on Wed, 07/08/2015 - 12:13

Thank you everyone for your recommendations :) - Antonia | Assistant on Fri, 08/07/2015 - 06:38

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Hi Antonia


There are outlets spread right across the USA so just depends where clients will be heading. In LA area there are quite a number 2 very large are in the area of Commerce not far from Anaheim and the very best is Ontario Mills which is northeast heading towards Las Vegas.

East coast there are outlets in all the major cities. New York's closest is on Long Island about 1  1/2 hours drive north of Manhatten (there are lots of tours that will take you there though) Upstate New York near Albany is another really good one and also southern suburbs of Boston.

answered on 07/07/2015
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Anne Bain
AccessAbility Travel Consultant
Answered on 07/07/2015

There are some excellent Premium Outlets around LA, Camarillo north of LA on the way to Santa Barbara Hwy 101, Desert Hill east of LA on I-10 on the way to Palm Springs and Carlsbad opposite Legoland and on the way to San Diego on the I-5.

Around San Francisco there are a few also, north over the Golden Gate is the Petaluma Outlets, south near San Jose is the Gilroy Outlets on the way to Monterery and an excellent one at Folsom east of Sacramento on the way to Lake Tahoe or Reno.

Also Las Vegas has 2 Premium Outlets, South is nearest to the Strip near the Airport is the most convenient.

Great Shopping at all of them.


In LA you have to visit the DSW (Designer shoe warehouse), branded shoes for a fraction of the price - and styles etc. that we just don't get here in Australia. I think I bought back about 16 pairs of shoes, which definitely is a record for me.


DSW America wide...Ah-mazing! - Grace McLean | Manager on Wed, 07/15/2015 - 01:38

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Also, when in Los Angeles if you do visit the Citadel Outlets, take advantage of the VIP experience. You can drop your bags of and avoid having to carry things around. The lounge is really comfortable, big TV's drinks, food etc. so if you want to consider shopping and someone in your group doesn't want to they can hang out there - I believe it has free wifi too.


Hi Antonina,

If your clients are heading to the East Coast , I recommend they check out the Orlando Premium Outlet's in Orlando FL and the Lake Beuna Vista area, as they have some great stores and amazing deals


We looked at outlet malls in New York but to get a family of 4 there and back was quite expensive to opted to take the public bus to Jersey Gardens and found many many bargains there.    Both malls in Vegas are really also worth a visit along with any ROSS dress for Less store - they are a realy "aladins cave"  but if you have the time to spend soritng through you will find some excellent designer bargains!

answered on 08/07/2015
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Answered on 08/07/2015

In addition to the many outlets across America, some of which have already been listed, if clients are ever in a location where Ross Dress for Less, Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Burlington Coat Factory can be found, they are all worth checking out. All are very similar stores in that they sell brand names and labels way below retail prices- everything from shoes to jewellery to clothes to toys to homewares. 



For those pax who have to check out of hotels by 11am at LAX, recommend a Citadel VIP Experience.  They are picked up from their hotel, taken to Citadel which have a VIP Lounge, store bags.  Free WIFI, drinks & snacks in the lounge and shop till you drop and at the end of the day transfer you to LAX.  They can save their shopping to the end of the holiday 


If they have a car in Vegas, there is a fantastic one just on the border, as you head to Anaheim.

Also Niagara Falls has some of the best!

answered on 13/07/2015
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Ashlee Lorenz
All Things Travel Lara Travel Consultant
Answered on 13/07/2015

Soooo, althought there are outlets America wide, depending on what state you are, merchandise can be even cheaper depending on the state taxes.  There are a few states that are exempt from general sales tax on clothing like Oregon and Alaska(!) and some for other products like small electrical (California, I think).  This is also handy to know for online shopping.


Happy spending.

answered on 15/07/2015
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Grace McLean
Academy Travel Manager
Answered on 15/07/2015

When I went to the States I went to heaps of outlets but below are the ones I found the best:

1) Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls

2) Orlando Premium Outlets

3) Las Vegas Premium Outlets - South

4) Las Americas Premium Outlet - San Diego

5) The Citadel Outlets

All of these were amazing I spent so much money :)

answered on 08/08/2015
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Christina Moir
Escape Travel Travel Consultant
Answered on 08/08/2015

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