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Must see/dos in Honolulu & Maui

First time to Hawaii in June and wondering what the must sees and dos would be in both Honolulu and Maui. 4 nights in Maui and 3 nights in HNL. We have sorted the Pearl Harbour tour but is there anything else that people can recommend? :)


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Hi Tracey,


If you want to contact me on we can help you with out with tours/attractions in Hawaii.
Our company, APTMS, represents Discover Hawaii Tours so am happy to recommend some of the "must see and do things" and we can also give you industry rates too!



This answer is coming too late however for future travels. I would recommend hiring a car for at least a day and going to the North shore and especially on a Saturday or Sunday try the Huli Huli chicken and then Giovanni's shrimp shack.  There are also so many beautiful beaches, the buoy trees and many little shops to visit.  The scenery is fantastic as well.  There is a magazine called 101 things to do in Hawaii and by taking this you can do your own tour while driving.


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