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Sports Event Tickets

Hi Guys, 

Can anyone reccommend a good supplier or website to buy tickets on for sports events like Baseball, Hocky, Football, Basketball etc? 

I was thinking of using Stubhub. But has anyone used one that they can reccommend?


4 answers

The NFL, NBA and NHL all sell tickets through their own websites, better to buy there rather than onsellers who double/triple the prices.


Depends on the game and if you are only wanting tickets (and not a package). If you are trying for Yankees v Red Sox (as an example), you are probably only going to be able to get tickets through Stubhub. I use them for shows and games.


I've used StubHub before and whilst I did receive the tickets, it was a nightmare as Australia Post doesn't currently have connections to FedEx. I think there's some politics with that.

Keith Prowse and Premium Sports has a wide variety.

Alternatively if it's something difficult I usually go and buy direct from the stadium/arena. You'll also find in Vegas the hotels themselves often stock the product.


GoldenTickets are fabulous.  Excellent servic and good prices


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