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Stopover Destination

I have the option of a client stopping in either Dallas, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

I'd like to give some pro's/con's for each option and was wondering if anyone might have some different suggestions. Ultimately, the client does not mind. Their idea is that since they would be using LA from a BNE connection any time they go to America that they would be happy to fly home via SYD from either DFW or SFO.

There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of activities for DFW, but I could possible be missing alot - so any suggestions would be welcomed!


2 answers

I love San Francisco more then Dallas personally.  San Francisco has a real character to it and you can do some much from there like Alcatraz, cycle over the bridge to Sausalito and catch the ferry back, day trip to Yosemite or Monteray, explore Fishermans Wharf and the list goes on!  When I was in Dallas the main attraction was to see the JFK musuem and library.  Dallas was a lovely city to wonder around it but I could just keep going back to San Francisco.


I agree 100% with Kylie. I've been to both locations and San Francisco has a lot more fun things to do in my opinion, (they even have Napa Valley so close if your client's are keen wine enthusiasts for a day tour). As Kylie has covered some of San Fran's iconic visitor choices, I'll do some more on Dallas for you. I would only say Dallas if your clients are interested in a lot of American History (which Dallas would be better for). Dallas does have the JFK Sixth Floor Museum and library, Museum of the American Railroad (which is 40 mins away in Frisco), Cavanaugh Flight Museum (25 mins away in Addison), Frontiers of Flight Museum (Dallas), Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education & Tolerance (Dallas) and Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas). It also is home to the World's Largest Hooters and is great place to shop for Cowboy like hats, pants and shirts (if they're into that sort of thing).


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