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Since we don't know who's won the badge draw yet, let's play a game.......

The prize was a trip to any city in the USA, so tell us where you would go if you won, and why?

Mine is Salt Lake City - I always thought i wanted to go to New Orleans, and i still do, but since doing this training i have a newfound fascination with SLC!!!

Please share yours :-)



3 answers

I wonder why we haven't been told? It's been ages!!!!!!!!!! I might email then and see.

New York & New Orleans. Been there and loved both and so want to go back :-)



I need to go San Francisco. There is much to do there, I would get bored for two weeks!


Funnily enough I've been to the USA a few times, but never to Vegas - so I'd love to go to Vegas and do a gondala ride at The Venetian.


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