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Would you put clients (1A & 2C 11 & 13years in New Jersey opposed to staying in NYC downtown area?

Hi I have potential clients who are staying in New York over New Years, there is 1 A and 2 C 11 & 13 years...They have been advised by a friend to stay in New Jersey area and then commute into NYC downtown area...I have just googled the travel time and it says 1 hr 41 mins....I feel this is too far away, anyone would like to share any light or feel the same as me to put them in NYC area (ish)

Thankyou in advance



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Hey Tanya

Personally I wouldnt but I guess it all depends on where abouts in NJ you are looking. Traditionaly NJ was a dumping ground for NYC so there was a bit of a junk yard smell but it has improved vastly over the years and the crime rates there have dropped. It can be cheap but I would be recommending it more for a budget concious couple over a single parent with 2 kids.

I have always found downtown NYC a good area and somewhere you dont mind walking around at night, especially the whole Times Sq area. Lots to do and see and it means they wouldnt be trying to catch the subways to NJ too late either.

I would highly suggest your family stay at the Doubletree Suites Times Square. The location is great and the rooms very quiet at night. You get 2 rooms, with a refrig, microwave, and 2 TV's, large bathroom with doors into each room. It is close to subway and walking to many attractions.

If you think Times Square might be too busy and noisy/touristy.A hotel in Midtown is another option. I usually recommend trying to get something closer to the center (6th Avenue, 5th Avenue, Madison Ave., Park Ave. ) because it's generally safer




Thankyou Clinton I really appreciate your honesty about NJ and had no idea...Yes, I like Doubletree by Hilton, I just stayed at the MCO one with my family, and as you said it has the other room with the lounge & kitchen...Thankyou again, I will definitely look into that...Much appreciated :) - Tanya Patterson | Senior Consultant on Wed, 08/12/2015 - 10:02

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If your customer's are first time visitors to NYC they might appreciate more around the Times Square region. It definitely costs more but it's a once in a lifetime type experience. 


Having recently returned from New Jersey I have a few comments.

There are a few modes of transport from New Jersey into Manhattan.

I used the New Jersey Transit train - takes about an hour - well that's from Long Branch NJ

I also used the Fast Ferry - takes about 45 minutes.

We stayed at Long Branch - its like the Hamptons but in New Jersey .............not that expensive but fabulous.

So to quantify the negatives of New Jersey in the previous comments - there are different parts of New Jersey and depends on where you want to spend most of your time.



Have a look at the Beacon on the upper West side.  They are fairly well priced and easy walk to the Subway and right across from the Fairway markets for food.  Times Square is a great location and heaps or family friendly places to eat like the Olive Garden and Applebees.  It all depends on how long they are going to stay for as to the expense.  If they are wanting to be there a week, staying over the Hudson in NJ is not so bad.  Travel time can be easy especially if they are near the tunnel or Subway.  Many NJers commute to NY for work so it would be simple enough.  If it is for 3-5 nights, then Times Square or anywhere near the Subway is fine.  Crowne Plaza Times Square are decent sized, but don't have a kitchen.  Happy searching.


I also meant to add it depends on whether the adult is comfortable with travelling to and from downtown at certain times of the day. If this is their first trip to New York then I would say no, but if it is their second trip or they have travelled a lot then it may be worth it for them. - Karen Coggan | Travel Consultant on Thu, 08/13/2015 - 06:10

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Having just been to NYC last month after an absence of 15yrs I would not recommend NJ to stay when visiting NYC, if they want to save some money by not staying on Manhattan then Brooklyn is a much better option, has some very good hotels and is a destination in it's own right. Easy access on the Subway to all of Manhattan, hotels can be half the cost of what they charge around Times Square area. Plus the view of the Manhattan skyline is great from Brooklyn!!


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